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AC Networks - Structured Cabling

At AC Electrical we also have a dedicated structured cabling sector, AC Networks, catering for all your information transfer needs.

About Us

At AC Networks we specialise in catering for future business growth and advances in technology, which can be difficult to predict. That is why specifying the correct Network Cabling Infrastructure for your network is of vital importance. Not only must the cabling system be able to cope with today’s demanding internet, email and multimedia applications, intranet and video conferencing, but also the unknown applications and growth of the future.


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Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Supply, Install & Commissioning Of Cat5e / Cat 6 / Cat6a UTP/STP/FTP
  • Design Services
  • Project Management
  • Fault Finding, Diagnosis & Repair
  • Fibre
  • Multimode Fibre
  • Singlemode Fibre
  • Blown Fibre
  • Wireless Systems
  • Cabinet Upgrades
  • Comms Room Upgrades
  • New Data Rooms

At AC Networks we can supply and install singlemode and multimode fibres, OS1,OS2 9/125, OM2, OM3, OM4 50/125, and OM1 62.5/125, these can be internal fibres within a building or external fibres to link two buildings together or multiple buildings on a campus site.
Terminations can be LC, SC, or ST.

Singlemode Fibre

Single mode optical fibre also known as SMF is designed to carry only a single ray of light (mode). Modes are the possible solutions of the Helmholtz equation for waves.

These modes define the way the wave travels through space, i.e. how the wave is distributed in space.

Waves can have the same mode but have different frequencies.

This is the case in single-mode fibre, where we can have waves with different frequencies, but of the same mode, which means that they are distributed in space in the same way, and that gives us a single ray of light. Although the ray travels parallel to the length of the fibre, it is often called transverse mode since its electromagnetic vibrations occur perpendicular (transverse) to the length of the fibre. We perform all connecting terminations with the latest Fujikura splicers. We can test and audit your existing fibre optics connection for signal losses or breaks.


Multimode fibre optic cabling is generally used for fibre links less than 350m allowing speeds of up to 10Gbit/s.

There is little price difference between multimode and single-mode fibre optic cable, however the equipment used to transmit over multimode cabling is less expensive than single mode.

The two most common types of multimode cabling is OM1 62.5/125 and OM2 50/125 which typically support 1Gbit/s using LED transmitters. With OM3 & OM4 fibre optic cabling, again with a core size of 50/125, networks are able to support 10Gbit/s due to the OM3 & OM4 lazer optimised core.

Blown Fibre

Blown Fibre cabling provides a simple solution to manage evolving network demands; the blown fibre system uses compressed air to blow optical fibre into pre-installed tubes.

It enables on-demand deployment of optical fibres from one internal or external network point to another, allowing for rapid upgrades to the latest fibre technologies.

Existing tube routes can also be easily accessed at any location so re-routing to new users can be achieved as and when required. Blown fibre systems lower network build costs and provides more flexible design and better damage recovery performance than conventional systems – avoiding high initial capital expenditure, extensive network planning and the unwanted presence of unlit fibre in the network.

All our cabling installation work is tested utilising the very best and most up to date industry standard testing equipment.

Wireless Systems

With a wireless system, the reduced installation time and minimal amount of hardware ensure that wireless solutions can be a cost effective alternative to conventional wired solutions.

A C Networks and its partners offer a number of services to ensure the deployment of the optimum wireless networking solution.

A C Networks will carry out a survey of the areas requiring coverage and will draw up a specification detailing the number and location of access points together with any additional cabling requirements.

A C Networks will install the access points in the locations as per the survey together with the cabling to link the access points back to the comms room cabinet.

A C Networks can also provide Power Over Ethernet (POE) solutions that enable APs to be remotely powered.

A C Networks will set up the wireless network to ensure maximum coverage with the minimum of interference between wireless cells.

The correct installation, security and testing of wireless communications is crucial to its successful operation.

Wireless networking devices come with built in security features that ensure that only authorised users have access to your network.

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What our clients say...

“AC Networks are an excellent Supplier of cabling solutions, they offer a fast and reliable service always meeting the demands placed upon them.”

Richard, IT Manager Barnsley Hospital

I have been dealing with AC Electrical for many years. As a company they have served the AKW Group and now Kinaxia Logistics with the highest quality of service. The service element is the easiest point to highlight but more than this we (AKW) have also become a provider to many blue-chip companies. This brings with it many aspects of quality and the highest standards. AC Electrical have always been up to date with current qualifications and the high standards we demand to prove we only use the highest quality suppliers. I have recommended AC Electrical many times and feed back has always been very positive.

Mark Worthington, AKW Global Warehousing Ltd

AC Electrical is a well organised company. They are always available to deal with our enquiries or emergencies. Andrew Church is our main office contact and Mark Hutchins is the main electrician who attends site and is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Shelley, Magnum Materials Ltd

AC Electrical is a highly valued asset to Sodexo at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. All the staff at AC Electrical from engineers on site to the back of house staff have always shown a high level of professionalism and understanding to what can be a very difficult and challenging environment as a live hospital can present itself to be.

Lee Frazer, Sodexo Ltd

AC Electrical have provided a faultless service to AKW Global Logistics. We can’t thank them enough for their flexible support and high standards of work.

L Hall / AKW Global Logistics

A.C. Electrical Ltd has always provided a prompt, efficient, effective and very professional service for the Estate Management Service at the Etihad Campus.

Mike Kelly - Assistant Estates Manager / Etihad Campus

I write to say huge thank you to you and your company for all the work you have completed on our electrical installation since April.

J Armstrong / Finance and Estates Director, Wellington School

We have worked with AC Electrical for over 10years. They are a professional, knowledgeable and reliable company, with a superb team of friendly helpful

Manchester Sport and Leisure Trust / Eastlands Trust

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